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Finally, contact with my girlfriend!

Soon after I left her and the kids last September, she was the subject of a robbery at her house, when the nasty villains forced their way in and took everything of value. They asked where the Mzungu was and if I was coming back. So they obviously thought she was a good target, as I was obviously leaving presents etc. for her.

In the event, they took the laptop, digital camera, cell phone that I have given her as well as the TV, DVD player and other goodies.

Coupled with this, Liz worked as a receptionist in a tourist hotel and lost her job soon after the election chaos. This is a particular blow as she is well educated but lives in a small village where there is little work, especially where there are no tourists.

But she finally managed to get the use of a mobile phone, so we are contacting each other by text – what a relief and joy to be able to contact her again.

I was able to tell her that I will be there for the 6th birthday of her little boy, which pleased her, as it is next month. He misses his “Daddy”.

That will put a strain on resources as I also have to go to Kisii. Still, transport is almost back to normal, apparently. I don’t like public transport but with the car having been burned out, I have no choice. Never mind, it will be worth the effort.

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