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Happy Birthday to …

So our esteemed Prime Minister, Gordon Brown MP has completed a year in office as leader of [Great?] Britain.

In the last year he has aged about 10 years, but he insists that his way is the best way (Hmm … didn’t Robert Mugabe say something similar not so long ago?)

We in GB are lurching from one crisis to another, lost sensitive data on CDs, laptops, in briefcases … the great and good who fund the Labour Party are pulling back … abolition of the 10p income tax belt – there is another revolt looming over this one … fuel prices soaring (GB – that’s a world problem, not mine!, despite the fact that we are the most heavily taxed country in the world when it comes to petrol and diesel) … inflation is climbing above the Government’s own targets … house prices are falling … mortgages are almost impossible to get … it goes on … and on …

Local and by-elections have been a disaster for the Labour Party as well. But Gordon is insisting that he is running the country, not a popularity contest.

He could have fooled me on the former and he wouldn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell on the latter!

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