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The North is dead

According to a major Think Tank, Policy Exchange, people in the north of England should consider moving south as the north is dying!

This policy would probably suit the present government as they seem to be determined to concrete over the whole of the south of England (where I live, incidentally).

The Think Tank suggests that Oxford and Cambridge should be greatly enlarged for our poor northern cousins to move to so that they are not trapped in poorer areas.

Needless to say, this report has met with a certain amount of criticism from … well … Northerners, as well as the leader of the opposition, David Cameron, who also lives in the South.

Of course, this is just a report from a think tank, a report that has been released during the news silly season. But it makes me think that maybe some of the taxpayers’ money that is used to fund these bodies might just be used in something a little more productive, like creating jobs in the North perhaps?

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