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First Day at School

The Huts

The Huts. St Edwards C of E, Romford, Essex

Going through my favourite blogs, I was reading the Potty Diaries, about a five-year-old’s first few days at school, and that started me reminiscing – about events over 50 years ago.

My infant school was called “The Huts”, for good reason. It was a hut.

This hut was split into two classrooms with a connecting door. You can see the entrance to the classroom where I started my schooling. There was a second door at the side in the other classroom, where the ramp can be seen.

On the first day, my mother took me into the class. I was not, to say the least, keen. She deposited me in my classroom and into the care of my teacher. But i would not let go of my mother. I was eventually prised off her and I screamed. She ran through the connecting door and out. I followed. We went round and round like this until someone managed to catch me and Mum made her escape.

I can remember nothing else of this day. But I do remember that day two started in exactly the same way!

It was not a good start to my school career. But, on the up-side, it could only get better – or so you would think …

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