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Bricks in the Wall

I have caught myself occasionally feeling sorry for old Gordon. It does not last long, after all, he has brought upon himself all his worries.

His first mistake was insisting that he should be Prime Minister, and upsetting his predecessor, who let go of the reins just before the country imploded.

Admittedly, some of the problems that the The UK is going through are not of his making, but his dithering, U-turns (remember Maggie Thatcher ‘This lady’s not for turning’), bad decisions, have surely made them worse.

The housing crisis – before the Summer break, there was a whisper that stamp duty would be relieved. Brilliant. So who, during the time between the release of the whisper and the final announcement was going to buy a house? No one. The market stagnated even more than if it had only been affected by the mortgage crisis.

Then there’s the energy crisis. Windfall tax on the energy companies or not? Yes, well, that is, er, no. Well, yes and we will give the money to the poor to pay their energy bills. But, no we won’t do that – maybe – or not. We will give the money to the poor to pay their bills from somewhere else … or maybe not.

Apparently, according to our leader, we are better placed to ride out the current GLOBAL down-turn than our European partners. Is that why our currency is falling like a brick agains the Euro and Dollar? But not only the Euro and Dollar, but other currencies, like the Kenyan Shilling!

People within the government raise their heads over the parapet and take a pop at Gordon, then duck, Milliband, Clarke, Blunkett, Darling …

I am waiting in anticipation for the next by-election in Scotland, the constituency next door to Gordon, and apparently another Labour strong-hold.

I am beginning to think that Gordon is trying to confuse us to the point that we  haven’t got a clue what is going on (nothing new there, then), and he can tell us how brilliant he has been and we, the confused, will believe him – dream on, Gordon.

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