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I need a break …

Some of you know me as their friendly local computer fixer. Others know me as working for a Kenyan Non-Governmental Organisation. Others still know that I am a small-time businessman in Kenya.

But I am also a 24/7 carer for an ageing parent.

OK, I admit, this doesn’t involve a lot – being there just in case, I suppose is my biggest task. I do all the cooking, make copious cups of tea, get the shopping in, do the heavy stuff in the garden and act as taxi.

That really isn’t a problem. But just having to be here, all the time, is.

I need to get away for a while. Not for a rest, just a change. On the last two occasions I managed to get away, I escaped to Kenya, where I take up the hat of NGO and I work.

Admittedly, the pace is slower, but it is a lot warmer, and two of my three bases are over 5,500 ft, which makes it difficult to exert myself. And, of course, I don’t have a car, so I walk, something else I have difficulty with as I am mildy disabled.

There is so much I want to do in Kenya, River Cottage being my main project at the moment. Bu I can do absolutely nothing while I am in the UK.

So, I need a break …

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