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Recession? we’re here to help!

I used to switch off – mentally – when the TV adverts come on. But as I become progressively more grumpy as I get older, I have come to detest TV adverts – and I can’t blank them out. I have to watch them.

We are descending into recession, so the big supermarkets are having a minor war on TV, each offering price cuts on their products. OK, so far, so good. I am all for a cheaper shopping bill, especially in these days of food price inflation.

So, what is one of the big ones offering? Price cuts on fresh veg? No.
Oh! So, maybe, meat? No.
Hmm! So, is it the packeted groceries, then? No, not exactly.

It’s booze! Yes, that’s right. The essential multi-packs of lager.

OK, I can see that in certain families, food would be sacrificed so that the weekly intake of alcohol is not diminished, to boast “We are helping you to save money by selling our booze cheap” really isn’t a good idea – at any time – is it?

But then, as they say, “Every Little Helps”

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