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All In The Mind

I love my bed. I love the 7 or 8 hours I spend in it out of every 24. But I hate it when think of some brilliant [?] idea, only to have forgotten it by the time I get up.

This happened last night. I was thinking about boreholes – well, don’t we all? – and had a “scrapheap” idea about how to raise the water up to ground level – and the rest, I can’t remember!

This happens quite often. I have a pad and pencil next to my bed, but I always forget that it is there. I have tried a tape recorder next to the bed, but concentrated so much on the fact that it was there to be used, that I didn’t get any inspiration.

I have even got up at 3 am just so that I can work on some idea that I have had. Unfortunately, on one such occasion, I needed the number-crunching power of the computer, and by the time it had wheezed itself into life and I had made a cuppa, my mind was a total blank, craving nothing more than sleep.

I sat in front of a blank screen, delving into the depths of my mind to try and dreg up the idea that had got me up, to no avail. So I went back to bed.

Of course, the following morning I feel like warmed-up-death and moped around the office, eyes half shut.

I know that my short-term memory is not as good as it was, which is not good news as it has never been very good – as far as I can remember.

I stared at the list of projects and concepts on my website, trying hard to jolt my memory into something resembling life.

I have tried to clear my mind by reading the 20 or so blogs that I follow. But in the back of my mind, there is a guilt feeling that I really ought to be working on the concept I had whilst under the duvet.

Frustration has now set in – hence this rambling.

I think I will go and tinker with my mechanical scythes. This is worthwhile, even if it doesn’t solve the water shortage problem in parts of Kenya. But it is mechanical, and it may just do the trick.

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