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Tinkering with Allen Scythes

I had another tinker with the Allen scythes (circa 1950) yesterday. I am trying to get at least one of the pair I have acquired to work, using one to replace parts for the other.

Of course, these being British built and old, all the nut, bolts etc are Imperial, that is A/F. I have a small set of A/F sockets but I no longer have any spanners.

Why? Because my son, a car mechanic, started work at a garage that renovates old cars and builds hot rods, and he raided my ancient toolbox, removing anything that wasn’t metric.

Although a socket set is a useful thing to have, some of the fixtures that need to be removed from the Villiers engine are only accessible with a spanner. I was a little annoyed with my son!

Oh well. I suppose the next phase will be to visit a car boot sale to see if I can find any ancient spanners.

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