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They are still at it … again

Our local superstore, beginning with T, has had Christmas fare on sale for a couple or three weeks now. How sickening is that?

And now I see that Disney Paris is advertising that Father Christmas will be in residence from early November. Fine, but who is going to be at the North Pole making all the toys?

On another tack, another major supermarket, not beginning with T, is helping their customers, during this financial crisis by cutting prices and making special offers – on alcohol!

Now, I may be old-fashioned, but when money is short, I would have thought that alcohol is the last thing on the shopping list, beneath stuff like … food.
On top of this, the UK is going through a binge-drinking crisis, so cutting the price on booze at any time, let alone during a “credit crunch” is, to say the least, bizarre.

Or is it just me …?

  1. October 13, 2008 at 09:57

    It is not you, I completely agree! Not just that, but at a time when there is going to be another attempt to curtail binge drinking through legislation, one of the big supermarkets beginning with ‘S’ is advertising a special offer on beer. Go figure!

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