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On Rotten Apples

I find it incredible that someone who has resigned or been forced to resign from Government office twice, can find his way back into said Government, albeit by a convenient back door that he has, in the past fought to abolish.

If we were seeing this in Mugabe’s despotic regime, or any one of the other non-democratic governments in Africa, Asia or South America, we would not be surprised. It wouldn’t make the back pages of the newspapers.

But here, in the UK?

Many people look at me askance when I say that I would prefer to live in Kenya than here. Why? At least, we expect the legislators to be money-grabbing, power-hungry and corrupt. If they are not, that is a bonus.

In the country of the Mother of Parliaments, I expect, nay, I insist upon a higher level of rule. I expect the people who tell me what to do and how to do it (if this is really necessary) to be squeaky clean. Not only squeaky clean, but to be seen to be squeaky clean – not a shadow of doubt about their squeaky cleanness. After all, that is what they expect of us, isn’t it?

I know this is a tall order. In any barrel, there will be a few rotten apples. But I expect them to be thrown out – for good. I do not expect them to be re-introduced at a later date – twice.

After all, a rotten apple only becoems more rotten with time, surely?

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