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Water, water everywhere …

I opened the curtains on Thursday morning and looked out. Water was pouring down our driveway (which slopes down from the road) towards the garage. I though that there must have been the mother of all downpours recently. But – this is not Kenya! We don’t have rain like that.

I was right. The water was coming out of the flower border – where I know the mains supply pipe for the whole village is located. Why it runs inside our boundary is a mystery with an answer in the distant mists of time, and we have only been here since 1971.

I phoned the water company. “Is it seeping or gushing?” “Gushing.” “Is there any damage to property?” “Yes.” “We will get someone to you as soon as possible.”

I went outside to inspect more closely. As I walked across the tarmac drive, it felt springy and water bubbled out from it all around me. So the driveway has been undermined. I is going to be fun getting my cars out, a people-carrier, a SUV and a little thing that looks like a cut down VW camper van.

In the event, moving the cars passed without any disappearing into a large black hole.

The water company inspector arrived. Having pinpointed the source of the leak, he assured me that it was “their” pipe, not ours and therefore their responsibility to fix it, and repair any damage caused.

The back garden was another shock. We had a small stream running diagonally down to the fish pond and then to the ditch at the boundary. The fishpond was overflowing, the liner had been lifted by the water getting underneath it and water was also bubbling up from under the crazy paving.

But the worst, from Mum’s point of view, was that the leak was directly under some very mature shrubs that she had been nurturing for some time.

They soon came with their mini-diggers and decimated the corner of the garden. The pipe is 4 ft down, so the hole was enormous, and of course, full of muddy water, that spilled over the driveway, washing mud towards the garage water trap which was rapidly blocking. I could see a few hundred pounds of computer junk being ruined soon.

Fortunately, the torrent was stemmed before the garage was inundated.

The pipe was fixed, the hole filled with new earth and the shrubs were replanted! But we still have caterpillar track marks on the lawn, an undermined driveway and a ruined fish pond – and mud everywhere.

Oh well, it could have been worse, I suppose.

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