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Baby “P”

Another child has died at the hands of the person who should have been protecting him.

The child, 17 months old, suffered head injuries, a broken back, nine fractured ribs, fingernails and a toenail missing, a severe mouth injury, a ripped ear and extensive bruising on his body. He and his “family” had been visited no less than 60 times – and none of this came to light.

Who are the carers in question? Well, the same people who allowed Victoria Climbié to be murdered, naturally.

Remember that one? With the phrase “Lessons will be learned” rolled out by all?

Yes, you’ve got it. It is Haringay Council.

What is shocking, apart from the thug that inflicted these injuries getting anything less than a life sentence, is that no one at the council will be held responsible. Heads will not roll.

Not unless enough people show their total and utter disgust.

Sharon Shoesmith is the head of Haringey Social Services who allowed Baby P to die from multiple wounds.

There is a group on Facebook should you feel that Victoria Climbié DID die in vain. No one has learned any lessons.

Tell Sharon Shoesmith to go!

  1. Hugh
    March 27, 2009 at 23:53

    You seem uncertain. Haringey is the right spelling for the borough.

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