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British? That’s offensive!

According to Caerphilly council, it is offensive to refer to someone as British, and on a par with “Negro” or “half-caste”.

I do not consider myself to be British, but English, just as the Scots, Welsh and Irish hold on to their national identities.

But, if I am referred to as British, I am not offended – after all, England is part of Great Britain.

However, I also feel that, being English, I am a 3rd class citizen of Great Britain. England is the only one of the four countries that make up Great Britain that does not have a parliament or assembly. We are ruled directly by a British parliament, headed by a Scot.

Of course, Caerphilly council is a very small voice in the scheme of things, but it only takes a small spark of political correctness to start a fire.

And did Ron Davies (remember him?), who issued these guidelines, actually ask the Welsh, Scots or Irish if being referredĀ  to as British would actually offend them? I somehow doubt it.

As a popular blogger, Leg Iron, might put it, this is another feather in the cap of the Righteous.

  1. harrysaysyes
    June 30, 2009 at 20:03

    The parliaments and assemblies were created through public demand that affairs werent handled correctly by Westminster. Although third class citizen seems a bit strong; You’re right, England could do with its own assembly for English issues, so that Westminster can deal with truly national issues. If the English dont stand up and ask for one, they wont ever get one. The Scots and Welsh fought for decades to achieve those establishments.

    The Scottish parliament is a difficult beast, and I wouldnt say a glorious success. Most of the difficult decisions get passed down south to be discussed at a larger audience.

    I understand to an outsider its all a bit silly, but the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish feel their identity at threat. I live in Canada, and the Canadians dont even know Scotland is part of Britain, let alone explain Northern Ireland! Everybody just wants to keep their identities (including English people) and Britain has lost that identity of all the nations to the outside world.

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