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What next … ?

The British economy is on the verge of collapse, the pound is so weak it is in a oxygen tent, [ “A weak currency is the sign of a weak economy, which is the sign of a weak government.” ~ Gordon Brown when he was in opposition, in 1995], Jack Straw’s new Justice Department spends £131m on an office re-fit, Transport has just wasted £81m on a worthless IT system, worthless not least because it spouts out information in German! It was supposed to save the taxpayer £54m – whoops!

What else could go wrong? Well the Chancellor of the Exchequer has just announced will emphasise new efficiency savings he intends to achieve in Whitehall budgets, worth at least £5 billion a year from 2010 onwards.

Officials are drawing up plans for a sale of government assets including the Met Office, the Ordnance Survey and thousands of acres of Forestry Commission land.

The chancellor will say that the public sector will have to take the strain of getting government borrowing back down by cutting spending growth below the 1.8% a year currently in the plans for the medium term.

Judging the Government on their present performance, how much is this going to cost us, the taxpayers?

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