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River Cottage, Kenya

With a potential food shortage looming in Kenya due to the recent drought, KCIS really needs to get River Cottage Kenya started so that we can grow food for the orphanage.

The orphanage at Kisii is quite well-placed, inasmuch as it is in one of the most fertile areas of kenya, but food prices are rising, following market forces – yes, even rural farmers know about supply and demand!

Furthermore, people in Kenya who have control over food distribution are stock-piling, waiting for food prices to rise higher, so as to make a quick buck.

Reading this, you would almost think I was writing about the developed world, wouldn’t you?

If we grow our own food, we can feed our children. If we have a surplus, we can actually make some money and replenish our medical fund, which we had to raid last year, during the post-election troubles.

So, if anyone reading this can help to raise funds – we don’t need a lot – please contact us on the KCIS website.

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