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Turbo? What Turbo?

K reg, diesel, manual Surf

2.3 litre, turbo-diesel Surf

I have had another play with my sick Toyota Surf. The symptoms are simple, drive along with a light foot (so the turbo does not kick in) and it goes like a dream. Put your foot down so that the turbo does kick in – and it doesn’t. The car coughs and splutters as it copes with being drowned in its own go-go juice.

I have ascertained before that the turbo and the bypass work correctly, so I stripped off all the pipework between the turbo outlet and plenum chamber. There is a lot of air coming out of the turbo, at very high pressure, so that works.

I stripped off all the pipework from the air filter to the turbo – big suction (whoops! where’s my hand gone!).

Put it all back together and – no turbo.

So, is there a restriction in the air intake at the filter lever or from open air? That is the next question to be answered – when it warms up enough to work on a tonne and a bit of cold metal again.

The car runs well, as long as the driver is very light-footed. And having a non-working turbo is not a case for MoT failure, so I may just get it on the road before the end of the month when the VEL is due on the other old bus.

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  1. jazelauto
    January 20, 2009 at 22:08

    Could be any number of things, the turbo could be bad, the wastegate could be shot….or maybe there is a boost vacuum leak.

  2. Stegg
    January 21, 2009 at 11:20

    I am slowly working through the possibilities, but at the moment, it is too cold to work on the engine. Oh, to be in Kenya!

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