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What else can go wrong?

OK, so the Bongo is running as if nothing had ever happened, for which I am thankful.

But this morning, when I powered everything up (2 x PC, 1 x Mac, various printers, scanners, etc.) the router would not connect to the Internet.

I went through all the settings and they appeared to be correct, so I connected my trusty old DSL modem. That worked, but it gives Internet connection to only one computer (maybe that would be a good thing?)

Having ascertained that the Internet was there, I re-booted the router and fiddled around with it, re-booted and fiddled some more … and some more …  and finally, it conceded that all the settings were in fact correct and connected me!

What a waste of a morning.

Now, my main computer decides, every so often, to throw a wobbly. It is running Windows 2000 and I have been meaning to “upgrade” to XP for a long time – but I like Win 2K. What should I do?

Sense tells me that I should give up and upgrade, but that means re-installing all the software – what a task that will be.

So, as long as it boots up tomorrow, I guess I will put it off again.

At the moment, everything is working. I have my network and Internet on all my machines, so for the moment, it ain’t broke, so I won’t fix it.

And now I have broken the arm off my glasses!

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