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Back Problems

As you may have read in earlier blogs, I suffer from chronic back pain, caused, apparently by two damaged disks in my lower back.

Inversion table

Inversion table

I tried an inversion table which gave some short-term relief, then went on to a health supplement that was developed to cure malaria, and which I was taking purely to make sure it didn’t kill anyone.

Anyway, my back pain disappeared and I got full movement back. My legs stopped aching and the leg tremors that kept me awake at night stopped.

That was before Christmas. I stopped taking the supplement after a week, and now, the twinges are coming back – mind you, I did act rather like a kid in the snow yesterday !

So, now it is time to try out the supplement again. If the back pain disappears again, then it is the supplement. If not, it was coincidence or the inversion table.

We shall see!

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