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Our little Norfolk Terrier (AKA floor mop on legs) was minding his own business, sniffing around the garden when he came across a small slow worm.

I doubt that he has ever seen the like before, nor a snake, although we do live in a distinctly rural area, but after a good sniff, he pounced on the poor slow worm and shook it in a manner of a mongoose attacking a cobra.

The slow worm, being a lizard, immediately shed its tail, which kept the dog interested as it wriggled, body-less on the ground.

I rescued the now tailless lizard and put it out of reach of the dog, who seemed quite happy to worry the tail.

Two lessons to be learned.

For the slow worm – don’t mess with our dog.

And for us – don’t rely on the dog to protect us from venomous snakes, he’s only interested in wriggly dismembered tails!

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  1. April 9, 2009 at 11:28

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