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Attitude of Gratitude

A good friend of mine, living in Andover, who has had a few emotional knocks in her life has started a campaign, “Attitude of Gratitude”.

It started when, feeling rather low, she was walking home and saw a tramp with no shoes, curled up in a doorway with only a cardboard box for shelter. This was last winter. And my friend realised that she should be thinking of what she still had, not what she had lost.

She started picking up litter in the streets to make the town a better place, and publicised it, encouraging others to do the same, using the local press.

And the campaign has taken off in a big way. She now has a website with pictures of her “supporters”. And it is striking, the number of younger people who support her. Kids I can understand, but teenagers? Those surly, grunting beings that hang around on street corners? Don’t you believe it. They are the most enthusiastic of all.

There is hope for this country after all.

  1. Manuela
    June 28, 2009 at 09:58

    Thank you dear friend for drawing to my attention how this campaign started….. it has got so big that I at times forget how I came to be doing what I do….. m

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