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Afternoon at the BBC

I cannot claim to be a veteran broadcaster – far from it. I have been invited on to local radio programmes to say my piece about our work in Kenya, but that’s about it.

Things aren’t going to change either. I don’t think I could hack it as a presenter, I get tongue-tied.

But we have been approached to do a feature on KCIS, not the usual 15 – 20 minute slot, but a proper feature.

This came about because one of the producers, Nejra, is going to Kisii next week. She is a volunteer with an educational charity, and it just so happens that, this year, she is being sent there to do their thing.

Someone else at the station pointed out that KCIS is based in Kisii, so she contacted us and we had a long meeting yesterday (long, probably because when I start talking about Kenya, I can’t stop).

Nejra intends to visit our “office” in Kisii interview the local directors, Vincent and Abigael, meet the kids and hopefully record them singing and maybe even interview them, if she can find one that speaks good enough English.

Then, once back in the UK, she wants to put a feature together that will spread over three weeks, including her recordings, sound bites from our Promotions Officer, Manuela and me, and then a live broadcast with the two of us on the last week.

This is very good news – all publicity being good publicity, so they say.

It has to do our organisation some good, raise its profile in the West Berkshire area, and maybe get more people willing to do fund-raising for us.

As Nejra said, we can see the situation on TV, but seeing it first-hand brings it to life. The kids become real people, really suffering. Not just images on TV.

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