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Long Time, No Write

Not strictly true. I have three other blogs in which I have dropped the odd article, but I have to admit that I have been lacking in writing about making things with tools.

The problem is that I am presently in the UK, not Kenya. I can design things on paper here, but I cannot test them as most rely on the sun either for heat, UV or both.

So, lacking the basic free ingredient, I have been diverting my energy to other things.

Firstly, to earn an income – not easy as a free-lance in the UK just at the moment.

Secondly, to save up to get back out to Kenya so that I can wear the tool-using thing-maker hat. This is difficult because – see first point.

Thirdly, I am trying to raise the profile of KCIS and get people, companies or organisations interested in what we are doing and what we want to do, and gain some financial backing.

Fourthly, to register KCIS as a UK charity – not as easy as it used to be.

KCIS and Twiga has recently been featured on BBC Radio Berkshire. There is still a good audio slide-show on their site, and a brief write-up which links to our website. But this has had little or no effect. We have not received any offers of help and certainly no money, other than £10 given to me by a BBC employee as I left the studio.

So, what next? I have asked that the feature be repeated on a weekday programme, and I reckon we need a patron, a celebrity who would promote KCIS.

Or, we could forget KCIS and find another charity or NGO that is doing similar work in or near Kisii. To my knowledge, there is none, but then I don’t know every NGO in Kisii.

So, if anyone has any other ideas as to where we should go from the present, please contact us. We will be happy to receive any suggestions.

If you are an NGO in the Kisii region and you are interested in what we are doing, please contact us.

Or, of course, if you are a company or foundation that would like to finance us, please contact us.

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