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Photography? Not these days

There have always been two types of camera-user, one who studies the subject, checks the framing, lighting, and eventually produces a photograph to be proud of, and the second, who basically points and shoots.

But in the days of film cameras, point-and shooters used a little discrimination because the film and the processing cost money, and there was the problem of running out of film. But today, with cheap digital cameras and cell phones with built-in cameras, the only constraint is the size of memory.

Then we got sites such as Webshots and Flickr, where photographers could show their masterpieces, and now we have twitter and its associated picture uploading add-ons.

And, having looked at a very few of the millions of photos that are uploaded, I ask myself, “Why do they bother?”

What is the point of uploading a picture where the subject cannot be identified because there was camera shake, or it is out of focus, or there was not enough light?

And then there are the people who are uploading not their photos, but pictures of cartoon characters pulled directly off a web page – what is the sense in that? All it does is clutter up the Internet.

I don’t profess to be a good photographer, but my digital camera now allows me to take several photos where I would have taken only one with my 35mm camera. Then I choose the best and ditch the rest.

But there seems  to be an indiscriminate need to upload everything, good, bad and rubbish.

I hope it will end soon.

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