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Global Warming -v- Climate Change

I am not a “warmist”, but then nor am I a sceptic. My comments are made on the back of reports I have read, some only half-remembered, but these are my views, not in the least scientific!

I have read a lot over the last couple of years and it strikes me that when anyone announces that global warming is accelerating it makes headlines, especially on the BBC (radio, TV and website).

However, when someone proclaims that overall mean temperatures have not risen since 1998 or whenever, this is consigned to a small link on the website and is not broadcast.

To me, this looks like biased reporting in favour of those who are pushing for action to prevent global warming.

I read somewhere that polar bears were declining “because of global warming”, then a report from one of the foremost experts on polar bear populations stating that one polar bear community was declining, two were increasing and the rest were stable – don’t quote these figures, I am typing from memory as the article has been lost.

So, who do I believe? None of them.

Yes, I believe we are ruining the planet. We are using non-renewable resources far too quickly. We are cutting down the “lungs” of the planet, the forests, which affects carbon dioxide absorption, which in turn may – and I say may – affect weather, which, as far as I can see, is not a good thing.

But, this almost hysterical screaming from some warmists is turning me away from the argument for global warming.

Another problem is that our (the UK’s) present government is pushing the argument for global warming and frankly, after suffering 12years of their rule, I don’t believe anything they say, especially as they are trying to tax us out of existence on the back of the argument.

Yes, I believe that the climate is changing. We have had a run of poor summers in the UK. But climate change happens; it is cyclic. It is not so long ago that Europe was covered in a thick sheet of ice. And before that, it had a sub-tropical climate.

Now we are told the climate is not following the predictions of the computer models. Why not? are the computer models faulty? Or were they just created to reflect what the warmists wanted them to?

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    Awesome blog!

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