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Anaerobic Digesters to Collect Methane

Wearing my “Tool-using Think-maker” hat, I designed a simple methane collector for use in warm climates as found in East Africa. The methane would be used for cooking, or to power petrol-fuelled static machinery, such as a borehole pump or electricity generator.

But, to my mind, although the simplest design worked, it had certain flaws, mainly to do with safety. After all, methane is flammable.

Methane collector Mk2

So, I have been tweaking the design and I came up with a slightly modified version, which I felt was safer as I designed in an anti-blow-back device.

But I was still not satisfied. So now I have come up with a Mk2 version. I have been playing around with this version for a few months now, and I am just about happy  with it.

Unfortunately, it is far more complicated (and therefore more expensive) to build, but easier to maintain.

I will be returning to Kenya on 12th November and I hope I will be able to build one of the new Mk2 models – or at least, something approaching it. It all rathe depends on what materials I can find, what tools are available, etc.

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