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All Aboard the Skylark …

It’s nearly time for “All Aboard the Skylark” or whatever Sir Richard calls his infernal flying machines, and I am busy packing, checking, unpacking, weighing, repacking, re-checking, re-weighing, – well, you get the picture – . so blogging is probably going to be low down on the “To-Do” list until I get to Kisii, which will be late afternoon on Thursday 12th.

I do have wi-fi on my laptop but as the battery can only hold a charge for about 7 seconds, rules dictate that it has  to go in the cargo hold rather than as hand baggage, so I will not be able to blog during the interminable wait between checking in of luggage and actually getting on the Skylark (or Airbus).

I just hope that the check-in staff are lenient with people carrying stuff for charities! They were last time so I am banking on that, and the fact that the aircraft won’t be full.

Isn’t it weird that the word ‘blog’ is not in the blogspot spell-checker dictionary? Nor is blogspot, come to that!

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