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I have never been organised – either in work or life in general. I just muddle along from one job to another and seem to get things done eventually.

I am certainly not business oriented. I am an engineer as the title of this blog hints at. I like making and fixing things,  from cars to computers.

But, after my last visit to Kenya, where i have been trying to set up a business with a friend, as well as experimenting with ways to produce free cooking fuel, safe drinking water, etc., I find Iam wearing several different hats.

The tool-using thing-maker hat is on its hook, and I am wearing the administrator and businessman hats.

Since my return, I have been contacted by several people regarding the expansion of the activities of our organisation, KCIS, or people wanting more information about us. We have even been approached by an organisation who may fund the building dormitories for our children’s centre (which is non-residential at the moment).

At the same time, I am trying to do the work for the Kenyan business that I had promised our clients. If I don’t get it done, we don’t get paid, so it is quite important.

So, I’ve got too many things going on, too many plates spinning, and it doesn’t help when someone contacts me through one medium, such as Twitter, then emails me using a different user name!

I am confused! My mind is in butterfly mode, flitting from one task to another. Sometimes, I even get something finished.

I have tried “To Do” lists, but lose them. I have tried using lists on the computer, but to no avail.

So I guess I will keep muddling along, getting things done – eventually.

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