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Musings on A Gentle Drive to Kenya

Dreaming (or maybe secretly planning) of a gentle drive from home in the UK, through Europe, Asia, and some of Africa to home in Kenya, a total of about 6,500 miles.

I wonder how much the insurance will be?

After all, it is not your regular stroll down a country lane, is it?

From what I can gather, the route from Calais to Ankara is dual carriageway, apart from a stretch in Bulgaria. But once into Syria, it’s all change.

And I need to find out the safest route between the Turkish border and the Kenyan border. Should I avoid Lebanon? Or Jordan, or Ethiopia?

Are there any other hotspots I should know about?HELP!

The intention is to visit charity projects en route to give them a bit of publicity. I hope that at least some of them can collect used deep fry oil that I can use as fuel.

What else will I need, apart from tents, cooking facilities? A co-driver, preferably someone with reasonable knowledge of the workings of a 4×4 vehicle would be good. Someone who can put up with a grumpy old man (me).

I suppose that, whatever vehicle I manage to acquire, it will need to be “modified” as well as having a full service before we set out. A sump guard springs to mind. An extra spare wheel wouldn’t be a bad idea, either.

More musings, comments and maybe even some thought will follow – maybe.

If you have done this trip or something similar, or have any ideas, please let me know.

  1. February 6, 2010 at 12:17

    Good idea. . .I think you'll need to take the car ferry from Athens to Alexandria. I have a feeling driving via Turkey, Syria and Jordan and then getting the ferry from Aqaba to ?Nuweiba would be more complicated. Good luck!Richardhttp://theroughguidetokenya.blogspot.com

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