I am in the UK, where there is little sun, especially in winter and the temperature rarely creeps above 3°C.

My anaerobic digester (Mk. I) is in Kisii, Kenya. It needs to be converted from a Mk. I to a MK. II, because I have people interested in the technology, and I may actually be able to build and sell some – for real money, albeit Kenyan shillings. I’m not fussed. If it buys cement, poles, roofing sheet and window and door frames, the Twiga Centre will have two much needed 8-bed dormitories.

I could build an anaerobic digester here in the UK, but as the process depends upon heat, it would be pretty pointless. There is no heat in the UK. I doubt that a digester would work here in the height of summer, which is usually two, maybe three days sometime in August.

So, I have to get to Kenya somehow. The easy way is to fly, of course. But, funnily enough, although Sir Richard is usually the cheapest flight, he still wants to take over £400 off me. That’s a lot of dosh.

Then there are living expenses and purchase of components to upgrade the MK. I to Mk. II.

Heck, I’m going to have to raise about £1,000 again (this figure is arrived at scientifically, as being what every trip has cost me to date – more or less).

We were hoping that we would get some funding from a charity or foundation for our work, but there is always something more deserving – this time it is Haiti.

So we have to go it alone, yet again. I don’t mind. If I’ve got the money, I will happily use it to further the cause of KCIS.

But it is frustrating. I cannot move to Kenya because of personal circumstances, so I have to be the Tool-using Thing-maker whenever I can, which is about twice a year, for a month at the time.

As long as I can raise the money, which is becoming difficult.

So, the orphanage will have to be built when I can find a way of earning the money to get out to Kenya, buy the air ticket, buy the building materials, buy the equipment to improve the digester.

Simples, no?

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