So Much To Do

Although we have built a first prototype anaerobic digester (or methane collector), there is still a lot to do.

Anaerobic DigesterI want to improve it so that it has a second tank for gas storage, and a gas scrubber, which passes the gas through steel wool to remove something or other – sulphur, I believe.

Then the gas will go into the storage tank, passing through water to remove carbon dioxide. This is where the problem lies. Bearing in mind that I want this system to be as cheap as possible, I will have to construct a non-return valve to prevent water passing into the gas scrubber.

The big problem I have found with sourcing the parts in Kisii is that although there are a lot of plumbing bits and bobs available, most have a BSP thread, and a few have whatever thread is used by the gas industry – and they cannot be fitted together. And I have not, as yet, been able to get all the bits I need with the same thread.

So, it is time to get inventive, or at least modify someone else’s idea to suit my needs. It has got to be cheap.

I suppose it would be quite easy to make a non-return valve using a table tennis ball in a cage. Gas would displace the ball so that it could pass into the storage chamber, but water would not be able to pass the other way. All I need to do is design a cage ion the end of the inlet pipe to keep the ball in place, and that will have to wait until I am next in Kisii, to see what is available.

Oh, I think I have done it – while I was typing away.

Now I need to draw it and look for possible problems. I may even build a prototype here in the UK, as it does not rely on heat like the rest of the system does.

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