So Much To Do – 2

Our vegetable plot is on the side of a hill, a steep hill, and quite a long way up that hill. Well, it is not so much a hill as the side of a valley with a river at the bottom.

Apart from rain and our next-door neighbour’s borehole, the river is our only source of water. A new borehole is being dug adjacent to our plot, but although it is very deep, no water has appeared yet! In fact, much lower down the hill, on our own plot we have dug a deep pit for a latrine and no water has appeared there either.

So, we may have to rely on the river, but getting water up from it to the vegetable plot would need a pump that can raise water some 15+ metres.

I was surprised that we needed to irrigate the vegetable plot. Whenever I have been in Kisii, it has rained nearly every day. But I am assured that Kisii can enjoy several days without rain, and as the plot is on the side of a hill, and the soil is very fine, any rain falling on it runs off or sinks through the earth rapidly.

The ideal, I would guess would be a storage tank at the highest point of our plot, with a “drip-feed” system leading to the two cultivated plots. The only problem is getting water into the storage tank in the first place. It could be that rainfall would be sufficient, but I need to find out, which i cannot do while I am stuck in the UK.

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