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The Best Laid Plans Of Mice and Men

No, not Mr Burns, nor Mr Steinbeck, just me.

Having, in theory, finished the design for the anaerobic digester, I turned my mind to our other major project, building the dormitories to give some of our most vulnerable children somewhere to live.

We don’t need berths for all the kids, just a few; those who are living without any adult supervision or help; those who have nowhere else to go – we have a few of these.

So, we have settled on two dormitories, each with 8 berths. That was easy enogugh.

But it is not just the dorms. So, the existing hut, which has three rooms, will be converted into dining/study area, kitchen and supervisor’s room.

But we need washing facilities and toilets. A deep pit has already been started for the latter, but i want to collect the methane produced to use as fuel and that is not so easy.

We have to maintain the vegetable plot and the play area. So. the plan looks something like this:


All we need now is the money to buy the building materials, furniture and fittings, a generator …

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