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Simplest Anaerobic Digester.

Here is a  design for the very simplest of anaerobic digesters to make methane. The two barrels used are a 45 gallon oil drum and a 40 gallon tar barrel. As can be seen from the diagram, the base of the oil drum is removed, as is the top of the tar barrel.

The tar barrel fits into the oil drum quite well and will be pushed up and down depending on the volume of gas in storage, rather like a gasometer.

The only drawback to this design is the availability of the 40 gallon barrel. However, as gas pressure is controlled and can never reach a level that would burst the containers, it would be acceptable to use plastic containers such as water storage drums. The only criterion being that the gap between the two drums is at a minimum and that the inner drum slides up and down without risk of jamming – many plastic containers are ribbed for strength.

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