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We Have Hit Water

Pity it wasn’t oil, but at least the “borehole” (which is really a well) has struck water. As it is uphill from our plot, getting water will be easy, once it is out of the very deep hole in the ground, big and sort of round.

So, on to the drawing board. I was wanting to build a see saw to complement the swing we built last year, and I wondered if it would be possible to attach a pump action so that as the kids play, they pump water – or is that unintentional slave labour? I wouldn’t have  thought so as long as they enjoy themselves.

Once I have designed and built the pump, watering the vegetable plot (and getting the kids to wash themselves – I want to put a shower unit in the hut) will be a cinch.

All I need to do is design and build  it – as a certain Aleksandr Orlov would say, “Simples.”

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