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My Old New Car

… or my new old car.

I have just bought a banger to run around in, a 1998 Subaru Justy, not a bad little car … except that this one’s previous owner was a 19-year-old, and we all know what a 19-year-old can do to a car in six months, don’t we?

And this car is no exception. The exhaust is so big, I could park a Smart car in it. It has air horns, and the interior trim, where it is attached to the car at all, is held on with cable ties.

But mechanically, it is sound, brakes, steering, tyres and even the all-wheel drive. When I have replaced the cable ties with the proper trim fixings, it will look almost decent.

So why did I buy this old heap? Firstly, it cost me a mere £100. Secondly, the fuel consumption is about half that of my other vehicle, as is the vehicle excise licence. Barring any major breakdowns or failures, I should recuperate the cost of the car in six months.

So now, I have something else to tinker with. I already have my two Allen scythes. I have two 75cc four-stroke engines to fit on them, and now I have the car.

Then, when I am in Kenya, I have the anaerobic digester and all the other gadgets to play with.

It’s a good life.

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