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My New Old Car

I’ve had it for a few days now and I am happy to say that I still like this little car. It is not the most comfortable car I’ve ever driven, nor is it the quietest – but then it does have a non-standard, large-bore exhaust fitted.

I’ve had a fiddle around with it, changed a few illegal bulbs for legal ones, fitted a few interior panel fixings to reduce the rattles and it has had a good clean, after which I realised that the paintwork is blue metallic!

A friend with a dent puller has pulled out the more serious dents and I have given the interior a serious vacuuming.

I haven’t finished. There are five air horns fitted to the car – with cable ties, not very secure. And do I really need five? I will be pruning them and fitting them with real nuts and bolts. The compressor needs to be fitted properly as well. It needs to be oiled from time to time but it is impossible at the moment. But that will be for a nice warm day, which it isn’t today.

I have been monitoring the fuel and engine oil consumption. It is returning about 36 miles/gal. which is not bad as most of my driving is on very short trips, and it has used no oil since I topped it up when I first acquired it, which is good news.

And finally, I have stuck my little Kenyan flag in the rear window – now I know it is my car.

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