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Going back to Physics Classes of the 60s

Now that’s a long time ago, but I remember clearly (I think) a physics lesson in which I learned that capillary action  and evaporation of water could make a food cooler.

The equipment was a saucer and a clay pot. The pot has to be porous to allow water to rise up the sides by capillary action where it would evaporate. The theory was that the water, in order to evaporate needs to pinch heat from somewhere and it took it from the interior of the upturned pot. Anything inside the pot was thereby kept cooler than ambient temperature.

Sounds good, easy and cheap.

The last time I was in Kenya, I tried to find a suitable unglazed clay pot with no success, but I was since told that we do have access to a clay pit, so I may be trying my hand at “throwing” a clay pot (is that the right word?), and firing it.

While I am at it, I want to make a clay oven, not for cooking pizza, although that wouldn’t be a bad idea, but to use to roast a chicken.

It sounds like my next visit could be messy, but then, so was the last one, trying to pour cow dung into the 2″ hole in the top of an oil drum.

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