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Malaria and Hearing Loss

Being somewhat limited in how I can occupy myself as I still have an arm in plaster, I decided to see what I could find out about hearing loss caused by malaria, or maybe caused by the treatment of malaria.

Two things I found out quickly; quinine can cause hearing loss, but this seems partial and only in certain frequencies, and cerebral malaria can cause a change to the inner ear and/or the bit of the brain that deals with hearing.

I have read papers where mice were used in experiments, others citing drugs used to cure the disease and the general consensus seems to be that certain forms of malaria can cause hearing loss.

But, nowhere can I find anything relating to the reversal of the problem. I will carry on reading the papers I find on the Web, when I can find the will – some of them are rather dry and also use scientific terminology that I also have to look up, not being a scientist.

So, if anyone reading this has any information to offer that may help in answering this question, please let me know.

But why am I interested in this particular subject? We have a child at the Twiga Children’s Centre who has been deaf since contracting malaria at 5 months and I want to know if there is any possibility of reversing the hearing loss, other than with hearing aids.

Thanks in advance for any information given.

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