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Smoking, but not as you know it …

Having sustained a compound fracture of the wrist which was not showing any signs of wanting to knit back together, my consultant decided that an operation, involving a bone graft and a screw was necessary.

However, as I am a smoker, he explained that taking in carbon monoxide was inhibiting the healing process and asked if I could give up. If I could, he would perform the operation within  the week.

I have been meaning to switch to electronic cigarettes for a while and this seemed like the right time.

I ordered a kit and stopped smoking “proper” cigarettes. The operation was performed and I wandered around the corridors puffing on my electronic cigarette – no one objected!

A few days later, my mother was rushed into hospital with a blood clot in her lung. Immediately, she was told to stop smoking, not easy for an 88-year-old who has smoked for most of her life.

When she was discharged, I gave her one of my electronic cigarettes.

Mum has not smoked a “proper” cigarette since.

I did smoke one, and found it rather nasty!

And we are saving a small fortune!

And I feel healthier!

Should I plug the brand I am using?

What the heck:


If you are a smoker who wants to give up, or is even thinking about it, or if you are a smoker who wants to save some money, take a look.

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