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The Kids Cook Dinner

During my last visit to Kenya, I was at a loose end, so thought it might be a good idea to introduce some of my cooking methods to my Kenyan friends.

Of  course, the first potential problem was to find the ingredients that I am used to. In the event, all but cheese was readily available and I found that Nakumatt has a cheese counter where they sell cheddar which is just about acceptable. So, macaroni cheese is was going to be. The second problem is that I am not used to cooking a meal for eight on a single gas ring.

Benta (8) and Esther (13) were to be the cooks and I would guide them, but everyone, kids and adults alike all crowded around the single burner gas stove to watch, and in the case of the children, sneak a few bits of cheese from the chopping board!

After cooking the macaroni and storing it in a hot pot, the sauce was made, with much fussing around (and dipping in of fingers to taste it).

When everything was ready, the meal was served, pasta first then the sauce over the top. I am happy to report that it was rather popular.

I also introduced some herbs/spices into the household, the first being ground black pepper. Unfortunately, this was carried up by the steam from the cooking and invariably straight up the nose of whoever was cooking, causing a sneezing fit!

I eventually found black peppercorns in a grinder, which solved that problem.

Goat meat tenderises nicely when marinated in Guinness for 30 or so minutes.

I showed the kids how to make rice crispies chocolate cakes. Unfortunately, these lasted only about 5 minutes.

Still, the kids were happy and I hope I helped with varying the usually diet a bit.

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