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Getting there – slowly

Since my last post, the stitches have been removed from my shoulder – a far less painful operation than I had anticipated. There are still the dissolvable stitches poking out of the wounds and they catch on my shirt, but hey ho!

Repaired shoulderYesterday was my first day of physiotherapy. Now, I am no fan of physio as it has caused me no end of problems in the past, the worst giving me sciatica on two occasions within three weeks. I do not recommend sciatica.

But yesterday’s session was gentle. The exercises I have been instructed to do are gentle and quite easy to do, although after doing them, it feels like the muscles in my shoulder have been ripped apart.

Oh, they were.

I am still to keep my arm in a sling for the time being. Its own weight on the repaired muscle could cause damage. But at least I can use my hand now.

The only problem now is that I will have to go through all this again with my other shoulder.

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