About KCSI

Kenyan Community Support Initiative is a non-profit organisation that was formed by two friends, Abigael and Vincent and the author. We are based in Kisii, Kenya, where we work to alleviate poverty and suffering of the poorest in the area, particularly widows and children.

To this end, we have various projects on the go, particularly:

  • methane production, the methane can be used as a cooking fuel, or fuel for a static petrol engine – apparently;
  • water purification;
  • mosquito reduction;
  • and finally, the Twiga Children’s Centre, a day centre for orphans, half-orphans and other disadvantaged children.

The first three projects are designed to cost as little as possible to start up and nothing to run. Wherever possible, they are also ecologically sound.

Most of the funding to date has come out of the author’s own pocket and we are looking for a small amount of regular funding to continue our work. We will not stop, but with funding, we could get things working a lot faster.

As for the children’s centre, it is non-residential, and we usually have around 40 children on the register. There are a few that we would like to be able to offer a residential service and we hope that we will be in a position to do so in 2011.

But for the moment, we monitor their health, ensure they have food and clothing and that they all attend school. We can do no more at the moment.

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