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River Cottage Kenya

Fans of British TV are now wondering if I am going to pinch a load more programme titles in my blogs.

Nah! Two is enough for the time being, and they are relevant to what I am trying to achieve.

So what is River Cottage Kenya? At the moment, it is a plot of very fertile land in SW Kenya. It has been set aside by the owner as the site of Mercy Gate Champion Childrens’ Home, but that isn’t going to happen for a while as we can’t afford to build it. So, it is used as a meeting place for the kids, where they can get together and have fun.

In the meantime, it has been agreed that we use it to try out some new/old technology (see previous post).

When I next visit Kenya, my health and finances permitting, we are going to set up a few experiments, trying out some of our projects, and grow food. Some of the older kids on the home’s register can get involved, some have already shown an aptitude for making things, others may be interested in growing things.

But why River Cottage? We try to keep our projects ecological (like Hugh Fearneley-Whittingstall), there is a River bordering the plot and there is a cottage on the plot.

And there is another good reason! It gets readers. People looking for the real thing may just stumble upon my blog, then the ACIS website, and take an interest in what we are trying to achieve. Some kindly soul might even fund some of our work!

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